Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Plum Plum Picker

Cathy Pham
Ryan Gallagher
English 12 C.P
20 October 2010

In Plum Plum Picker by Raymond Barrio, he suggests that when people is in a bad situation they tend to blame someone else for it. This short story display many negative thoughts and shows the level of authority. Raymond Barrio point of view is that rich people have no sympathy, money is very tight, and social pyramid.
The author portrays the white rich people as idols. They have their own rules and sit in "their cool filtered offices" while smoking a "cigars." Manual, the protagonist sees this as a selfish act. He is working outside in the "hot dry air," with nothing to drink and lunch break is as fast as a blink of an eye for him. He is q very hard working man and deserves a little bit if the lavish life style.
Manual is described like a poor Mexican peasant. He works continuously in the "hot dry air" and dangerous "endless maze of apricot trees." He explains to us that he is a "beast" because he works long hours and little money. This also shows that he is treated like an animal. Manual review that he is very dedicated and works for very penny he makes. Morales job is to eyeball the pickers. He has an easy job and he gets paid probably double the pickers. When Morales asked for "two cents" back Manual was very upset because he worked long exhausting hours to earn two pennies.
The social pyramid is demonstrated quite clear in the story. He talks himself as an "Animal," and animals are usually poor and has many high authority then them, which we call an low paying employee. Morales is a middle class gentlemen that has only one higher authority, which we call a Manager. He is a "Mexican general" which reviews that he is living stably. The "guero" are the rich white people that have lavish homes, no one to boss them around, drive nice cars, they are entrepreneurs. The "guero" is at the top of the social pyramid.
In Plum plum picker, Raymond Barrio, shows that reality and life can be very exhausting. There are always a boss, manager, and an employee. Life can very repetitive and only the employee can improve. This also shows that we must go into a career that we love otherwise we will suffer our whole lives. This story is perfect for a reality check.

College Essay

Cathy Pham
Ryan Gallagher
English 12 C.P
20 October 2010

Cathy Pham
Period 1
My name is Cathy Pham and I was born in Biloxi, Mississippi. I moved to Malden, Massachusetts in 2005. I was afraid of change and was terrified about people bullying me about my Southern accent. I went to Linden Middle School which was very small. I was use to change because I moved around a lot while I was in Mississippi, and it was very difficult to make new friends and adjust to the new life style. But, Linden was very welcoming, warming, and very diverse.
In Biloxi, Mississippi there were many Americans and African American, no diversity whatsoever. They all had the same style, spoke the same, and  hung out within their own nationality. I didn’t fit in with either of these groups because I am Vietnamese. I tried to fit in with both and I wanted to just have a comfort zone. I showed them that I am very unique, smart, and really fun to hang out with. I would speak to both groups if they had family problem, friend drama, and boyfriends. I was the outcast but everyone loved me because I was considered the cool Asian girl that gets along with everyone. I really enjoyed it in the South but it wasn’t where I belong.
When I came to Malden, Massachusetts I thought WOW, it’s going to be awesome here. I just had the great vibe. I went to a very diverse school and the people there were very nice and their welcome to Massachusetts was very warm. It made me feel at home. I never experience it so I was very terrified to step out of my shell. I was like a little turtle staying in my shell to protect myself from any type of danger. But, I didn’t know what I was walking myself into because I met my best friend in Linden and I met a lot of fabulous teachers. It wasn’t any type of danger but a learning atmosphere. My Mother made a good decision to move to Massachusetts.
In Biloxi, Mississippi they had no such thing as MBTA, I had to walk or get a ride everywhere. It wasn’t convenient for me because I had a lot of activity to attend, and I felt like I was bothering my Mother about everything. The country was very isolated and we had huge land because it was so cheap. The only good thing about this was that the legal driving age was 16. Since everything was so separated, privacy wasn’t a problem. It was hard to meet your neighbor because we were so far away from one other.
In Boston, Massachusetts they have everything for the public. They have the public buses, at least 4 different subways and plenty of shopping center and eating area. For example, Chinatown, and Downtown and North end. It’s such a blessing to have historical sitting, like the holocaust walkway. I love seeing site because I cherish all the suffering these people had to go through. It’s is very hard to fight for your life. Boston has a lot to offer. I would just take the train to see these entire sites. The horrible fact is the legal driving age in Boston is 18 and we have to get our car insured before it is on the street. It cost a fortune owning a car to go to the places we desire.
These two States are very distanced, It’s like the North Pole and South Pole. I really love Malden because of the opportunity and the fabulous educational they provide. It is very competitive but worth it. The colleges are fantastic and expensive but that is why I will be applying to many scholarships. Malden really shaped me into a better person and a more outgoing, risk taking person. Malden provides the best education there is. I love Malden and it’s diversity.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Red Shift

In the poem “Red Shift”, the author Ted Berrigan suggests that life can move really fast in the beginning of life, slows down in the middle and shift quickly at the end of life. He demonstrates these techniques by using personification, Imagery, and great tone. The poem is about how life moves within a blink of an eye, and to enjoy every second of your life because you will not get that second back.
The First section of the poem begins with winter and it is “8:08 p.m.” This could be how he is feeling about himself. Then he talks about “Allen, Frank, or me,” these are the people that he looks up to including himself because he but himself in the pattern. He portrays an image of an alcoholic when he was sipping on “Calvados.” This phrase represents how he feels like a he is a cold hearted and dark. This may lead into excessive drinking and this can be followed up by feeling alone.
The Second section shows us that people around him have “love, children, hundreds of them, money, marriage-ethics, a politics of grace,” maybe these are the things that he is missing in his life. He shows that he wants a soul mate but he might be used due to his talent of writing. When people are rich it’s hard to find love because what might think they love one other but they can turn around and stab one in the back. He describe that he can be faithful by saying “I would never and never will leave, not for sex, nor politics or even for stupid permanent estrangement.” He wants someone to not use him but to love and to die with him.
The Third Section is about the end of life. He question “when will I die,” meaning he is suffering through an obstacles that he wants out. Then once he dies His kind of show this person is getting to know or love will always be in his heart and soul even if he is “pronouns.” This is the end of his journey and is feels “Alone, crowded, unhappy fate, nevertheless I slip softly into the air. This I can connect to when my grandmother was on her soon to be known “death bed,” he was alone and everyone crowded around her to give her kisses and say our goodbyes. Then she “slip softly into the air.” This shows that it is the end of life and journey.
Ted Berrigan shows intricate pieces that are so well written that connecting to him is easy. He demonstrates that life is so fast pace. He can also make us imagine what he is doing while reading the text. He tries to portray a very important message, it is to live happily.


Dear Mr. Gallagher,
I was born and raised in Biloxi,Mississippi and I moved to Boston,Massachusetts when I was 12 almost 13. I really like Malden,Ma. It is quiet and very diverse. My reading strategies are very slow and I want to understand it very well. I like to write based on my own experience,mostly free writing. Myself as a student, I'm very organize and i like to get what I'm doing before I actually start doing it. Myself as a friend, I love to give advice and like to have a lot of fun. They always run to me about their boyfriend or girlfriend problems. When I start thinking I can not stop until there is a great understanding of it. When I start thinking it is mostly about negative intentions like what happened in the past. I always think about what they could of done to stop themselves for doing that mistake. Mr. Gallagher, you should of asked me who do I look up to and why I look up to that specific person. I always wanted to describe why I was living; because everyone has a purpose on Earth otherwise we wouldn't be here. Just like the quote "everything happens for a reason" good or bad.
When I think about it I don't really like to read unless it catches my attention at the beginning. If not then I will grad it out until it's done. When I was reading my summer reading book, "The girl with the dragon Tattoo," I dragged it out at the beginning because it made no sense whatsoever. When I write I like to connect to my own life because I have more to write about rather than something I don't know. My self as a daughter, something you didn't asked but I want to write about it. I wasn't an angel. I can be quite moody, and I don't like being wrong. I would be very stubborn and not listen to anyone when I was younger. I would give everyone an attitude and not appreciate the "gifts" I didn't ask for on Christmas but I really care about my friends because I like to only be close to a few because I have  a hard time trusting friends. They can love you at that moment then one second later they will be your worst enemy. That's why I have one or two that been with me for a long time.
love,Cathy Pham

Journal Entries (:

Journal Entries
Daedalus-inventer and dad to Icarus
Wow, He made his son a guinea pig.
When he was flying his father was giving him life lessons.
don't be stubborn listen to your parents they know best,
inventive-adj. inventing
What is perdix?
"with sacrificial blood and burning incense"-sounds vampirish.

"Landscape with the Fall of Icarus by W.C.W

In "Landscape with the Fall of Icarus", William Carlos Williams suggests that growing up is about taking risks and learning from them. Once "it was spring," Icarus decided to blossom or grow up by going of on his own. The risks that Icarus was facing was "a splash quite unnoticed," or "drowning." William Carlos Williams portray the image by using the allusion of a person. He demonstrates different types of technique to get his point across.
In the painting "Landscape with the fall of Icarus," Bruegel suggests that humans are selfish. They were still doing their job while Icarus was suffering and drowning. He suggests that criminals or people that are not obedient should die and shouldn't get help from others. In the painting the town looks very beautiful and quite, and everyone is enjoying life while Icarus is trying to disrupt their moment of quiet. Bruegel shows that humans wouldn't go out of their way to help someone that is dieing or needs help.
In the poem "The Myth of Daedalus and Icarus," Ovid suggests that people who decides to "change law of nature" will only fail. This however shows that stepping out of your comfort zone and explore will either make you a millionaire or a total failure. It's like America, we are based on Capitalism. "I warn you," this demonstrate that people are only doing what they think will get them by for the day or by the week. They want to be comfortable but Ovid suggests that we should take risks and live happy with the consequences.
The authors suggests similar interest that humans are comfortable in their shell and will not go out their way to disturb that zone. They all have very different idea on life. Ovid portrays the ideology of taking risks, and the worst thing that can happen is dieing. William Carlos Williams demonstrate how humans grow up and branch off to learn. It also includes the consequences of taking risks. Brugel shows that humans are very selfish and doesn't want to be kind to someone that will not benefit them in any shape of form. They all share a lesson and it is how life function.

"Landscape with the fall of Icarus" by Pieter Bruege

Cathy Pham
English 12 C.P.

In this portrait "Landscape with the fall of Icarus" by Pieter Bruegel, my observation is I see a young man, well dressed holding wood and shaping the grass. I see a lot of pretty landscape that is occupied by sheep and 3 men. The man looks like he’s going to fall into the water, trying to grab fish or other objects that is inside of the water. The blue and yellow sky stood out to me because it looks like the sun is rising or either setting. The sail boats looks like it is leaving the island and going to the other end. The guy standing next to the sheep looks like he has been hunting or just looking at the wonderful view. I see leaves and very little of them, it is probably cold out because of the way they are dressed. They are wearing very long clothing and a hat. I see mountains and huge rocks. I also see people's home or little houses. I see a big island in the middle of the ocean. The horse looks like it is very tired. When I look deeply into this picture I see a small town full of opportunity. On the far right I see white mountains and it looks like no one lives on that side of the town and it looks pretty much isolated. I see three birds flying into the town and they are all spread apart not only in one area of the town. The little castle or house in the middle of the water looks like very cold. The sail boat looks very spacious and very nice for their time. When I see a leg or arm sticking up in the water, trying to swim or swimming away from the guy next to the water. I see very dry dirt and grass. The wood that he is carrying around to carve the floor looks not advancement and that means they do not have the technology to help them carve the floor to make it look beautiful. The sky is blue and yellow and very inconsistency with the color sequence. The guy looks like a caramel apple because of his clothing, it has no type of style. It looks like only women would wear something like that. I see a dog next to the guy. I guess the dog is there to help regulate the sheep and where the sheep have to go and where to eat. The guy looks like he is guarding them so that they won't run away or fall into the water. The source of food for the sheep is the dry grass and the water. They have no good water supply for the sheep. I see a shadow of a volcano or a huge mountain next to the sun and it looks like the town has formed by it. The man that is carving the floor looks like he know what he is doing and likes to do it. The horse looks very healthy and is well groomed even though he is probably over worked. I see a lot of space that is not occupied by civilians during this time because they had low amount of transportation.